Be prepared with the only Natural Immune Boost Kit created exclusively by Naturopathic Physicians. Boost your immune system safely and naturally*. Each kit features eco-friendly products and packaging along with simple instructions. Not only are you protecting yourself and your family, but also the environment, with each purchase you make at Natural Docs In A Box.

Immune Boost Kit includes: Herbal CE I (2oz), Natural Docs Immune Tincture (1oz), Natural Docs Immune Tea (1oz), Throat Mist (1oz), Mucococcinum homeopathic remedy (10 tablets), easy-to-follow instructions, and attractive eco-friendly container.

Herbal CE I (2oz): Soothes temporary respiratory tract irritation for uncomplicated, acute cough*. Contains alcohol extracts of Marshmallow°, Elecampane°, Osha†, Mullein°, Cherry bark†, Old Man’s Beard†, Fennel°, Licorice°, Orange peel°, Propolis° and menthol crystals in a base of water and honey.

Natural Docs Immune Tincture (1oz): Ideal to use at the first sign of a cold or flu to boost the immune system*. Contains alcohol extracts of Echinacea°, Astragalus°, and Licorice° which have been shown to activate immune cells against bacteria and viruses.

Natural Docs Immune Tea (1oz): This tasty blend of herbs contains bioflavonoids and minerals which optimize immune system function*. Contains the following herbs: Peppermint°, Orange peel°, Rose hips°, Elderberry fruit°, Astragalus°, Oregon grape†.